Photo for the Week – 5 – Clifftops

First of all... thank you to all those bloggers, who entered last week's Photo for the Week, some wonderful images were submitted.  Many thanks to you all for taking time out and submitting your images.. it was greatly appreciated and I loved viewing them. As most people posted what the same as the subject which [...]


Penshurst Place

Carrying on from Matt's Luminosity Colouring in Photoshop... I thought I would try this technique on a set of images which I turned into a panoramic shot of Penshurst Place.  Oh boy, can you play around with the colours, using Matt's tutorial! The sky was bland, there was little detail there, but by using this [...]

Leeds Castle

As Leanne Cole is taking a break and there is no Monochrome Madness until possibly next month... I thought I would process and post this image as it was in my list of potential MM Photos.  Again this is an image I found during my culling (which by the way is still on going).  Only [...]

It’s my nut..

A monochrome photograph of a squirrel guarding hit nut as he posed for his photo.. this photograph was taken at Kelsey Park near Beckenham, London.  Here is a coloured version of the same photograph. I like the coloured version, but my eye is being drawn to the monochrome photograph.  What about you?  Are you drawn [...]