Friday Quick Tip – Lightroom – Crop Tool

Well today’s tip isn’t a 60 second one but about 8.50 minutes, but the bit that I found interesting was within the first 30 seconds.. about leaving space when taking photograhs in order to get a more pleasing crop in…

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Friday Quick Tip – Lightroom – Straighten and Crop

A wonderful tip from Scott Kelby on how to go from the Library Module straight to the crop tool in the Develop Module… and that isn’t half of it… from there you can auto straighten…     Thank you Scott…

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Friday Quick Tip – Lightroom

So you want to crop and image in Lightroom and you don’t know whether to use landscape or portrait mode for your crop, well make your crop and instead of redoing your crop just press ‘x’.  By pressing ‘x’ on…

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My favourite tool – the crop tool

I don’t know about you but there are times when you think you have taken the perfect shot, only to find when you are back home and importing your photos into Lightroom that the image you’ve just imported it is not what…

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