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Channel Masks and an Autumn Photo

Today I watched a great tutorial from Matt Kloskowski and as a novice Photoshop user, I’ve never really played around with Channel Masks.  Well, to be honest, I didn’t have much of a clue until I watched this video and…

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Friday Quick Tip – Photoshop – Selections

It is Friday again… and another weekend is just around the corner.  And we all know that Friday is Quick Tip Day from RyanPhotography!  I am primarily a Lightroom user and one of the tutors of Lightroom and Photoshop that…

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Friday Quick Tip – Photoshop – Changing Opacity

Here is a very useful tip from Matt Kloskowski for quickly changing the opacity of a layer….

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Graduated Filter – Matt’s tip

Graduated Filter – Matt’s tip One of the blogs I follow religiously is Lightroomkillertips, and I would recommend following this blog if you use Lightroom..  Apart from Matt giving you free presets to work with, he also gives some great…

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