Bren & Ashley Ryan Photography


Abbotsbury Sub-Tropical Gardens

Way, way back before we officially took up photography we went on a holiday to Dorset.  And during our holiday we visited Abbotsbury Sub-Tropical Gardens.  As we strolled around the gardens we came across this little wooden structure. The above…

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Testing textures in ON1 Raw 2018.5

Adding a texture is one of the things I love to do to my images.  I like to create artwork and I have a vast array of textures saved on my hard-drive.  Primarily I would have used Photoshop and spent…

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River Rother

Yesterday we took a drive to Smallhythe Place in Tenterden, Kent, where we visited the former home of the actress, the late Ellen Terry.  And yes it was raining… you could feel it in the air so we do our…

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Creating the Landscape Soft Glow Look – By Matt K

Today I was reading Matt Kloskowski’s blog and one of the topics he covered in a video was Creating the Landscape Soft Glow Look. Using both Lightroom and ON1 Raw 2018, I created the above soft glow look image of…

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Cottage by Fountains Bridge

Just by the entrance of Fountains Abbey, stands Fountains Bridge  on Fountains Lane… And on that road stands this wonderful and quaint English cottage.  It is breathtakingly beautiful and believe it or not that road had a sharp right-hand turn…

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