Bren & Ashley Ryan Photography


Before and After Photography Challenge – August 2019

A little while ago I asked which of the three challenges should I keep.  Time is of the essence now and so I am finding hard to keep up with all three challenges as I do love to participate in…

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One Word Sunday – Dazzle

If you are dazzled by someone or something, you think they are extremely good and exciting: There is nothing more dazzling than walking along a pier with the lights flashing,  music playing and people full of excitement as they play…

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Back in 2013, we had only just started our photography journey, when strong winds were going to lash the South Coast.  Now, what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon, having to brace yourself against the strong winds and take…

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Quick Tip – Water or Cloud Smoothing

  A quick tip I picked up ages ago from Anthony Fields on Facebook, was one about how to smooth out water and add a sheen to water in Lightroom. You can use any of the tools in the develop…

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