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Flower of the Day – 6th May 2019 – A Photo a Week: Raindrops

A photograph of a rose photographed at Lullingstone Castle in Kent and entered into Cee’s Flower of the Day Photography Challenge.  Also entered into Nancy Merrill’s a Photo a Week: Raindrops Photography Challenge. Advertisements

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Photo for the Week – 19 – Leaves

First of all, thanks go to everyone who entered last week’s challenge and congratulations on making the challenge a success.  And my sincere apologies if I didn’t get back to you on your submissions, but I was on holiday and…

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Flower of the day – 21st September 2018 – In the pink

For today’s Flower of the day hosted by Cee and Becky’s Square September – In this pink, I thought I would use this photograph of a pink rose with raindrops on its petals.  The image was photographed at Lullingstone Castle,…

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Ooh, Shiny! WordPress Photo Challenge

The WordPress challenge this week is called Ooh, Shiny! and it asks what distracts you? For me it has to been raindrops on petals.. and how they glisten as the sun’s rays touches them.  Roses are a distraction for me…

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Flower Shower

  Well here I am sitting here tonight with two pooches all uptight because they can hear the storms in the distance… looks like I won’t be going to bed yet 😀 😀 so I thought I would process this…

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