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Reblog – Burn Out – A Northwest Moment

Originally posted on A Northwest Moment:
Surviving firs stand in stark shilouette above Multnomah Falls. The Eagle Creek wildfire 2 years previous almost claimed all of the forest around the falls. You can see some people standing on an overlook…

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Reblog – A Photo a Week Challenge: Through Glass

Originally posted on nancy merrill photography:
I seem to fancy photos involving glass this time each year. Last week, my mother, sister, and I bottled what we call chow chow (also known as mustard pickles). I don’t know how it…

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Reblog – Anne Harrison

If you like travelling, photography, and food… then Anne’s blog is the blog for you.  It is full of images and information about travelling. I discovered philosophy, literature and a love of travelling while still in single digits. Photography happened…

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Reblog – How they live (the other half)

Originally posted on Nan's Farm-Inside Out:
This weekend the Photo Challenge over on our other site is The Other Half. This is my response to the challenge. To accompany my photographs of How They Live (the other half)…

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