Reblog – Burn Out – A Northwest Moment

WOW, Such beautiful photographs of landscapes and waterfalls. Love the captures of Liddy. Thank you for sharing such beautiful and inspiring posts and photos.

A Northwest Moment

Surviving firs stand in stark shilouette above Multnomah Falls. The Eagle Creek wildfire 2 years previous almost claimed all of the forest around the falls. You can see some people standing on an overlook to the left where scorched trees are standing. This cleared area is where the dead ones have been removed.

Why do we have to be so stupid? And why do we have to be so irresponsible in our youth?

Here it is, noon on a March, Monday, and the parking lot is full. The Historic Columbia River Highway is blocked by stupid people waiting to get a parking lot – took me over half an hour to get by. Came back to the parking off of the interstate and had no problem.

People just don’t think!

So… my advice. If you want to shoot Multnomah Falls, get there early and approach from the interstate. Or better…

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Reblog – A Photo a Week Challenge: Through Glass

This week, I would like to introduce you all to Nancy Merrill Photography. Nancy runs a weekly photography challenge. Nancy is an inspiring photographer and her blog is definitely one to follow.

nancy merrill photography


I seem to fancy photos involving glass this time each year. Last week, my mother, sister, and I bottled what we call chow chow (also known as mustard pickles). I don’t know how it got the name chow chow, but that’s what my grandmother called it. I love the tangy taste of the mustard sauce on all of the other ingredients, which include cucumbers, pearl onions, and cauliflower. When I was a kid, I wondered why my mom and grandmother only used pints for bottling them. I don’t wonder anymore. Cutting up the veggies and pealing those tiny onions for 23 pints was enough to make my look crosseyed and vow to not do this again for another two years, but they sure look pretty through the glass of the jars.


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Reblog – How they live (the other half)

Sue’s blog is a little treasure. Sue writes informative articles as well as taking beautiful images. I hope you enjoy reading Sue’s Blog as much as I do.

Nan's Farm-Inside Out

This weekend the Photo Challenge over on our other site is The Other Half. This is my response to the challenge.

To accompany my photographs of How They Live (the other half) my eldest daughter, Victoria, has once again agreed to be my guest blogger and write an account of our summer day out.

Over to Victoria

You can’t move in the UK without stumbling into a historic pile of stone, cream teas and sweeping, landscaped gardens. After years of visiting various locations with my children, I’ve recently experienced something new……entering the stately home itself.

What a house - Chatsworth 1

Stately homes have become extremely adept at catering to the family in order to remain financially viable – these places cost an absolute fortune to run. You can enjoy adventure playgrounds, petting zoos, bird gardens, treasure hunts, mazes and water features. In the cafes there are kids’ lunchboxes, multiple locations to…

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