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The Calibration Panel in Lightroom Develop module

Let me start by saying that is one panel I never play with. Well, that was until today. Today I read an article on Photo Focus written by Serge Ramelli about things he wished he knew when he started to…

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GRFX Studio Serge

Serge Ramelli, is one photographer I do follow and I’ve just downloaded the free software. And boy does it make good of your images. So I thought I would try an image I took with my phone back when I…

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Friday Quick Tip – Photoshop – Using Colour

Sheffield Park Gardens

You know how you want to intensify colours… and wish certain parts of an image were different layers…  well yes you can use a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer or Levels and Curves… but I use the following method… Create a new…

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Stranger on the Shore

  On Friday we went to Seven Sister and Birling Gap in East Sussex… I have to say the drive down there was beautiful as we headed through the Kent and East Sussex countryside… and the views from Birling Gap…

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Soft and Beautiful

When we visited San Francisco last years, we went to the Conservatory of Flowers in the Golden Gate Park… I have never seen such beautiful flowers… truly exquisite and delicate looking petals. As you can see from the picture on…

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On the trail

Yosemite National Park

One of my favourite photographers has to be Serge Ramelli and just recently he has been doing tutorials of photographs he has taken at Yosemite National Park and has called them, his “On the trail of Ansel Adams” series. I…

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Bodiam Castle

One of the very first places we visited when we started to take up photography was Bodiam Castle in East Sussex. It is a lovely place to visit and the steam train leaves Bodiam for Tenterden very regular… so whilst…

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Layers in Photoshop for Beginners – PLP #127 – YouTube

Layers in Photoshop for Beginners – PLP #127 – YouTube.  

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How to Retouch Monuments in Lightroom & Photoshop – PLP #126 by Serge Ramelli – YouTube

How to Retouch Monuments in Lightroom & Photoshop – PLP #126 by Serge Ramelli – YouTube.  

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