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Photo for the Week – 28 – Winter

The challenge for this week is Winter.  Everywhere seems to have had snow… except here in the South East, we got one night of it.. and then by the morning it was gone.  So I have had to delve into…

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Photo for the Week – 22 – Festive

Today will be the final Photo for the Week for 2018. I want to thank everyone the joined in last week’s challenge for their entries. And I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Every…

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Ragtag Daily Prompt – Blizzard

Snow Shorne Country Park

Yesterday’s Ragtag Daily Prompt was Blizzard.  It is very rare we get snow here in the South East.. and when we do.. it makes winter’s barren landscapes beautiful.  This photograph was taken back in February 2012 when we had heavy…

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Silence WordPress Photo Challenge

There is nothing like snow… and here in the South East of England we occasionally see the odd flurry but we never have what I would call real snowfall.  Snowfall where places are blanketed from edge to edge with deep,…

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It’s snowing… again

Yesterday I produced a photograph of a snowy landscape and added an effect to the photograph to make it look like it was snowing… Today I wondered if there was a way I could take a photograph I took ages…

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