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Friday Quick Tip – Lightroom – Guided Upright Tool

Many thanks to Scott Kelby of Lightroom Killer Tips for bringing this tip from Benjamin Warde’s Lightroom Coffee Break series. I’ve used the Guided Upright Tool for buildings and never for the life of me did I realise the impact…

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Friday Quick Tip – Lightroom – Grid Overlays

A very short post from me today.. as real-life is taking back over and I have a hundred and one things to do before the weekend arrives. Anyway this tip is great, I knew about cycling through the different grid…

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Friday Quick Tip – Photoshop – Perfect Font

For years I have been scrolling through fonts in Photoshop and this tip is absolutely brilliant….  It should also work in Photoshop Elements as well.     Thanks to Matt Kloskowski xx

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Friday Quick Tip – Lightroom – Effect On or Off

  Sometimes when editing a photograph, you might want to add some radial filters… but you don’t want them to really stand out… you just want a hint of light.. For instance take this photograph. I didn’t want to add…

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Friday Quick Tip – Lightroom – Basic Panel

Well today’s quick tip.. well it isn’t that quick, 20 minutes to be exact, but it is very informative.   And it comes from a video created by Laura Shoe from that covers the fundamentals of the Basic Panel in Lightroom.    …

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Friday Quick Tip – Lightroom – Spot Removal

There you are doing spot removal and then you decide that you don’t like a certain selection that you have just done… For instance in the photograph below say I don’t like some of the spots at the top of…

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